Kinugasu Tetsuhiko

衣笠 鉄人
The track captain when Yamato first joined the team. He competes in shot put and is often seen putting Yamato in a headlock or making him do extra training. He has high expectations for Yamato so much that during actual tournaments he can not watch Yamato run and often resorts to hiding behind a tree. Even though he has graduated and is now attending Seijo University he still came to check on the high school track team much to Yamatorsquos displeasure. Learning of Yamato and Suzukas recommendations he offered to show Yamato and Suzuka around the campus. He was at a rookie track meet to support his former high school and overheard Yamato proclaim to Suzuka that she will see him win at the college level. This caused him to put Yamato in a headlock and tell him that he will personally train Yamato before the start of the academic term. During these sessions Yamato became distracted during his training. To correct this he invited Yamato out to eat and had Souichi and Arima show up in hopes that seeing Arima will get his competitiveness back up. He expressed his disappointment that Yamato discuss his situation with him. He made sure that Yamato understood the conquence of their decision to drop out of the Seijo University would mean that the University would probably no longer take members of their high school any more for selections. After seeing Yamato and Suzuka applogizing to the track club be expresses support for their choice. Wikipedia