Kiyoh Littner

Personal Gunmen: Dayakkaiser Kiyoh Littner born Kiyoh Bachika is the oldest of Kittanrsquos younger sisters and possesses an extremely large bust. In episode six when fighting her way out of an enemy Gunmen she is shown to possess good combat ability. She was helping out in DaiGurren039s control room until episode 13 when she starts aiding in the frontlines piloting Dayakka039s Dayakkaiser Gunmen which she begins to use when Dayakka begins to command aboard DaiGurren. After the timeskip we discover that Kiyoh and Dayakka have married and Kiyoh gives birth to a daughter whom she names Anne. Anne happens to be the newborn that makes the human population reach one million and as soon as she is born the Human Extermination System begins. In the manga she Kittan and her other sisters appear earlier in the story during Team Gurren039s time in Littner Village and explains to Simon that their home village Bachika was destroyed by Viral.