Nation's name: Principality of Wy Capital: Wy Language: English Birthday: November 15th National flower: N/A Height: Unknown Age: Unknown (but is recognized as being around the same age as Sealand) Wy is a micronation in Australia founded in 2004. Hidekaz Himaruya added her to the cast in 2010. She is a young girl with long brown hair and gold eyes, who possesses bushy eyebrows, similar to England’s. It was noted that Australia is like a big brother to her, and she treats him as such. However, she is still mad at him because she hasn’t gotten her driveway yet. Another Australian micronation, Hutt River, was said to be her mentor. It was pointed out that she doesn’t really understand him, but looks up to him anyway. Supposedly, she is mouthy and tries acting mature, but is childish from time to time. She is usually seen carrying around a large paintbrush, said to be artistically gifted. Proud of the fact that she is officially recognized as being “independent,” she runs around freely, participating in fun activities and enjoying her freedom. Prince Paul of Wy posted a painting that he made of Wy using Hidekaz Himaruya’s character design for her on his blog. Sealand was also depicted in the picture, and it was confirmed that Prince Paul was notified of her existence beforehand.