Nation's name: Principauté de Monaco (Principality of Monaco) Capital: Monaco Language: French Birthday: January 8th National flower: Carnation Height: Unknown (but shorter than Liechtenstein) Age: Unknown Monaco is a small principality located in southeastern France, bordering the sea. She has not made her debut in the anime adaptation yet, but her cat, which greatly resembles her (known as “Monaco Cat” by fans), made an appearance in episode 30 of Hetalia World Series. Her hair was originally colored brown, as well as her eyes, but in recent colored artwork by Hidekaz Himaruya, her hair was colored blonde and her eyes colored blue (the same as France). She is known as being intelligent, proud, and an honor student who speaks in an old-fashioned way. Despite her serious appearance, she’s quite the social butterfly and loves ballet. Regarded as being rather agitated, she constantly worries about what the other countries of the world are doing. Her hobbies include interior design, tourism, and cosmetics. Her most notable feature is her glasses, and she is described as always dressing in an elegant fashion. Apparently, she is like a younger sister to France. It was said that she does not like it when he pats her on the head, finding it embarrassing on her part. Because she is dependent on him for military support, several types of imports, and many other things, she often does favors for him to compensate.