Kenji Endo

遠藤 健児, Bob Lennon
Endo Kenji grew up in late1960s/early1970s Japan at a time when American phenomena notably the space race and the era of Woodstock were resounding around the world. An avid reader of manga who often saw apocalyptic scenarios playing out he always responded with the cry of I would fight. During this time he and his friends made up a scenario for world conquest in order to play heroes. Flash forward to 1997 when Kenji has taken charge of his family liquor shop and turned it into a convenience store. He is now raising the daughter of his sister Kiriko who disappeared immediately after leaving her daughter to Kenji and living a fairly ordinary life. However after events from the prophecy he made up earlier begin to come true he learns of an evil organization led by a masked man called Friend which is using his plans to conquer the world. As the organizations hold on the government strengthens he becomes a wanted man and lives on the streets continuing to covertly oppose Friend on the streets partially through terrorism and partially through a protest song he wrote named Bob Lennon until