Manabu Tanaka


The protagonist of the story. Manabu is your typical geeky student - excellent grades, smart and wears glasses. Everything about him is ordinary, except for the fact that he confessed to the leader of the school's female delinquents and somehow they became a couple. Always calm and cool headed, Manabu is seen as an intelligent person who is also kind and caring to Reina. He always keeps a poker face, even when talking about perverted things. He never seems to show much emotion, except for the odd yell of happiness whenever he sees Reina being cute. He lives with his grandfather who is Manabu's complete opposite in personality; perverted, crude, and fond of drinking. Reina has only met Manabu's grandfather once, but didn't know who he was, though she commented that he looked just like an older Manabu. [Summary from Wikipedia]