Ray Lundgren

Ray is a withdrawn and ruthless Armor pilot whose wife, Shimo, was killed by the Man with the claw hand. He first appears in episode 4 at the last minute, making his main appearance in episode 5 but is opposed at first to Van. Like Van, he travels to find the Man with the claw hand and exact his revenge by killing him. Unlike Van he has far fewer qualms over who dies by interfering with him, something Van despises and is easily provoked by. However, according to Joshua, he apparently was completely different in behavior prior to his wife's death. Later in the series he reveals that he seeks to kill the Claw and then die too in order to meet Yoshimo again. Like Van, he also abstains from alcohol, drinking water instead. His rivalry with Van stems from the fact that both of them want to kill the Claw. Later in the series, they work together, although they show little concern for each other, even when engaged in combat with enemies. Ray's primary weapon is a katana-shaped gun with a large magazine where the blade would be. He holds it just ahead of the hilt and spins it to fire streams of bullets. He has several hidden weapons, such as the heels of his shoes. One acts as a very small hand held gun, while the other provides a way of summoning and remote controlling his armor, Volkein. While Ray is piloting, Volkein is armed with a variety of power with its most powerful weapon being the beam howitzer, a weapon strong enough to obliterate one of the original seven armors in one hit.

Near the end of the series his eyes are injured and his vision is blurred. His vision remains blurred until he is killed on episode 24 while he tries to kill the Claw, his gunshots becoming more erratic with his deteriorating vision. However, he dies with satisfaction after his final shot temporarily derails the Claw's plans and he is reunited with his wife in the afterlife.