Shirou Mariya


Birthday: January 1 Horoscope: Capricorn Age: 14 Height: 146 cm Weight: 38 kg Blood Type: AB Hair Colour: Black Class: 3rd Year, Class 4 Family: Father , 3 Older Sisters, 1 Little Brother Likes: Pudding Dislikes: Milk The first person Sengoku met after waking on the island. Mariya is (was?) one of the best students from their school. He's not very sociable, nor is he strong physically, but with his vast knowledge he's proven himself to be really reliable and useful. He never parts with his laptop (after fans made it into infinite-battery one, it was finally revealed it's charged with a foot-pump charger) the main use of which is identifying animals with an "extinct animals pictorial encyclopaedia" and creating the island's map.