Santa Claus

Red Lantern
First appeared in A Christmas Story but later began to appear more frequently demonstrating to the viewers what he does while he isn039t busy with Christmas. This includes many jobs such as being a doctor a taxi driver and a shopkeeper. He is mainly used for comic relief. He is usually an unwitting victim of Pucca when she is after Garumdashfor example when he dressed up like Garu to get chocolates from Pucca and was beaten with a tree afterwards. In one episode Santa is shown signing up to become a ninja like Garu. Also he uses to sing the Christmas Song Jingle Bells singing his laugh Ho ho ho instead of the song039s lyrics. Santa is seen in all but a couple of episodes. It has been revealed that before he became Santa he was known as a thief by the name of Red Lantern who used to work as a partner with a ninja known as quotBlack Powderquot in the episode quotThis the Season for Revengequot. Also he seems to not have a beard like the usual stereotype of Santa Claus. Though in many episodes Santa looks weak Santa does fight though. He uses gingerbread as shuriken and candicanes as a staff. He even has a grenade full of compressed Christmas items that if left open will explode full of them. Santa039s signature move is Belly bounce which he uses his belly to hit the enemy and then the enemy will bounce back. He has also been seen ruining some ocasions i.e. cutting in and taking the ring away during Pucca and Garu039s quotweddingquot in Scenes From a Maul thanking Garu for the present. Sorce: Wiki