いつき , Puff

Itsuki is a 12 year old girl living in a rural village on the far north of Japan. Her village is frequently scoured by samurai collecting taxes or in need of provisions, and all villagers suffer because of them. When Itsuki's village is raided by samurai (The Oda army, this time) for the umpteenth time, the Goddess of the Rice Fields Ukanome speaks to Itsuki, recognizing her love for rice, and grants her a magical weapon: a giant hammer. With this new divine support, and the cooperation of her fellow villagers, Itsuki sets on a journey for revenge against all "bad samurais" (especially Oda Nobunaga) . Itsuki and her fellow peasants speak a light version of Tohoku dialect, mixed with "country bumpkin" style speech. The "Itsuki's personal guards" special unit team is modeled after moe-style Otaku. Itsuki herself has some "magical girl" traits (her taunt and joke weapon, especially). Oda Nobunaga is her mortal enemy, but her relationship with the other Oda army members is somewhat different. She thinks Nouhime resembles her own mother, and wonders why she follows the Demon King in war; Nouhime too finds it difficult to fight her (presumably Itsuki reminds her of her childhood self). Mori Ranmaru treats her as badly as Nobunaga does, but Itsuki pities him, as a child blindly thrown into war. In Sengoku BASARA 2 a big turning point for Itsuki is meeting with Date Masamune at the height of her despair and hate for all samurai. His kind words and promise to conquer Japan and bring peace to it remind Itsuki of her great dream, and she goes on to fight Nobunaga for the sake of her friends and all of Japan's peasants. ~Source: Sengoku Basara Wikia~