Asami Nakaoka

中岡 あさみ

A young traffic enforcer, Asami is in charge of guarding the Mall and protecting the group of survivors sheltering there. She also speak in a third-person speech pattern, such as replacing "I" in her sentence with her name instead, though this is because police in Japan refer to themselves in the third person (though she has yet to master this). Easily scared and intimidated by others, Asami's authority quickly waned amongst the survivors until Kohta and Takashi intervened by handing her a standardized police firearm and building up her confidence. She developed a liking for Kohta after he helped her subdue a civilian who was about to sexually assault Shizuka. Asami later accompanies Takashi to help obtain blood plasma for a sick survivor, and is forced to mercy kill Tamaru when he is bitten by "them". Asami firmly believed that her superior officer, Matsushima, who had left for the police station for help, would come back until she is shocked and horrified to see a zombified Matushima walking towards the mall, utterly shattering her self-optimism. After running to the mall's roof while she was greatly upset, Asami was kindly praised by the same old couple that she helped in helping the old woman in having the blood transfusion, allowing her to rekindle her spirit. Asami is encouraged by Kohta into coming with him and his friends, which she gladly accepts. Shortly after breaking out of the mall with the group she attempts to save a frightened student trapped in the parking lot. Despite distracting the zombies long enough for the student to escape Asami herself gets trapped whilst without any means of defending herself. As a nod to upholding her duty as a police officer she sacrifices herself by further drawing the attention of the zombies so the group can escape. Asami shouts out one final request for Kohta to not let her get turned into a zombie as they slowly converge on her. She is last seen tearfully confessing her love to Kohta while saluting as he aims his gun sight on her from a distance. (Source: Wikipedia)