Wally Buchanan


Wally considers himself a "Dandy" man and tries to make himself look dandy (=cool) every chance he gets. He also teaches others to be dandier (For example, he says to Milliana that talking cats are not unique, but they are cats because they are talking.) Even his word bubbles are drawn in a square style. Wally mostly wields a pistol (in the anime his arm changes into a gun instead) that shoots out different magic bullets depending on if he want to kill or simply harm his targets. His main magical ability is teleportation in which in turns himself into a million blocks and moves from one place to the other. He can also use the squares to attack as well separate his body parts to attack independently.

Wally is also Richard's younger brother, who is also known as Hot Eye, from the Oracion Seis.

Source: fairytail.wikia.com