Akira Tonouchi

殿内 明良, Tono-senpai

Age: 18 Date Of Birthday:June 14th Blood Type:O Alice:Amplification Alice Electricity Alice (temporary) Alice Type:Special Ability Star Ranking:Triple Star Akira is commonly known as "Tono" by his peers. His good looks make him very popular and attractive to girls. He is shown to be quite lax and enjoys flirting with Mikan Sakura, which often makes Natsume Hyūga jealous. Tono and Tsubasa seem to have a close senior-junior relationship, although the latter sometimes displays distaste toward the senior. Mikan is quite fond of him and gets along with him well. Natsume, like Tsubasa Ando, does not get along with him that much, however. Tono has also grown attached to Mikan so much that he helps her whenever he can. He is actually a caring person, despite his playboy image. Akira is also known as a pervert. He is well known for flirting with girls. When he was first introduced to Mikan, Tsubasa got her away from Tono, stating that she'd get pregnant.