Ren Ren Ren Nagusaran Rensia Ruroonren Nakora

レンレンレンナグサランレンシーア・ルルンンレン・ナコラ, Ren
Takeyas devoted DearS who was found by Takeya after her suspension pod was lost and broke open during transport. Initially she had no given name but Takeya dubbed her Ren after the first word of her identification numberat which time she imprinted upon him. According to DearS law a slave that chooses a master on her own is seen as having the Gift and is considered sacred. In the DearS language the word Ren means zero thereby making her one of the imperfect ZeroNumbers in which was not intended to be revealed to the public. Bigbreasted and beautiful she is a wonder to Takeya and his classmates but constantly needs to be watched due to her inexperience with human customs and Japanese culture. Ren absorbed the Japanese language in a single night with a pile of textbooks and dictionaries from which Takeya planned to teach her. Her favorite food is melon bread for which she harbors a ravenous appetite.