Arima Emerson

He was ranked first nationally in the 100 meter sprint and went to Toudo University High School. In middle school he was always beaten by Kazuki which is still a touchy subject for him. He has his group of fans that follow him to tournaments. Like Suzuka he took up the offer to study abroad in United States during which he stayed informed about Yamatos running times back in Japan. Afterward he decided to go Touto University and run for their track team. He was used by Tetsuhiko and Souichi in hopes of getting Yamatos competitiveness back. After getting no reaction he asks Yamato what is wrong during the walk home. After Yamato tells him he replies that if it was him he would have the girl get an abortion because track is the most important to him. This statement causes a fight because Suzuka is the most important to Yamato. Near the end of the series he tells Yamato through Kenji that he better see him in the Olympics. Arima and Kenji represent Japan in the 100m and 200m. Wikipedia