Emonzaemon Souda


A faithful follower of Princess Hitei, he's been informing her about Togame's adventures for some time. A rather quiet person, he sits in on Princess Hitei's boastful conversations. He shows little emotion and does not get along well with Togame. He has long red hair that's bound in a ponytail and a tall height and wears a tuxedo-like uniform. His face is covered by a mask that was given to him by Princess Hitei and is written with the kanji for "unconcealed" (不忍).

He used to be a ninja under the Aioi Corps, a group that was eliminated by the Maniwa Corps over 170 years ago during the Sengoku Period. His ninjutsu revolves around the darkness of his surroundings. His ninja style was overpowered by the early Maniwa ninjas and claims only Houou is the sole person who knows about the Aioi Corps ways out of the present Maniwa Corps ninjas. He is the only person who has knowledge of Aioi Kempou. He wields the last of Shikizaki Kiki's Deviant Blades, Entou Jyu, a pair of pistols.

(Source: Wikipedia)