ナオコ, Natalie
Natalie Japanese: Naoko is a character of the day who appeared in The Lotad Lowdown. She is the youngest sister of Rita and Nicole. She is voiced by Leah Applebaum in English and Kumiko Nishihara in Japanese. Natalie along with her older sister run a Flower shop near the lake of the Lotad. When Ash and co. were playing at the lake with the Lotad Natalie told them to come with her to get lectured. But instead of them being lectured she gets lectured by her older sister Nicole for being rude to the travelers. When Natalie saw how Brock treated her sisters with more kindness she gets a bit jealous showing that she had a crush on him. Afterwards wherever Brock is Natalie is always next to him willing to do whatever Brock wants or needs. Natalie039s infatuation for Brock also leads her into trouble when she decided to search for a Sitrus Berry by herself thinking that it would help Brock achieve his goal as a Master Breeder. After finding a Sitrus Berry Natalie suddenly gets attacked by a swarm of Beedrill. Brock comes to the rescue and saves Natalie from danger. At the end of the episode Natalie gives Brock a list of Berries and their effects on Pokeacutemon which she promised to do earlier in the episode. Bulbapedia