Jiro Takuma

タクマ・ジロー, Forrest Franklin

Forrest Franklin (Japanese: タクマ・ジロー Jirō Takuma) is a ranger who appeared in the episode All in a Day's Wurmple. Forrester Franklin is Forrest's identical twin brother; Forrest is distinguished by his blue t-shirt and a mole on the left side of his face. His Japanese voice actress is Makoto Tsumura and his English voice actor is Andrew Rannells. Forrest lives just outside Rustboro City, the place where he was born. As a ranger, he knows a lot about the area, such as where certain Pokémon appear. He dreams of traveling but is afraid to do so. In the episode, Forrest first appeared to help out May who was being attacked two-on-one by Team Rocket. Initially introducing himself as Franklin, he helped May to find and catch her Wurmple. Forrest admired May for her independence. Assuming that traveling helped May to become stronger, he decided to get over his fear and travel as well. At first, he suggested traveling with May and her friends but this did not happen and presumably he traveled by himself. May took Forrest to meet Ash, Brock and Max where he met his brother for the first time in a while and any confusion was explained to the group. Bulbapedia