Johann Abraham Revil

General Revil is one of the Earth Federations leading Space Force commanders. He is mentioned often but does not make any personal appearances until the latter half of the series. Known for his personal courage and popularity with his troops for joining them on the battle line albeit aboard a Magellanclass battleship he is wellregarded by the protagonists of the original Gundam anime i.e. the crew of the White Base. This is partially due to the fact he is their patron and takes an interest in their units wellbeing. In the original series and many games based upon said series Revil displayed some instances of Newtype abilities and this makes him one of the oldest persons to be considered one. He is also notable as being one of the few sympathetic Earth Federation commanders. In some of the Gundam franchise media it is suggested that had he survived the One Year War many of the following conflicts e.g. Operation Stardust of Gundam 0083 and the Gryps Conflict of Zeta Gundam could have been avoided. Source: Wikipedia