Masuo Fuguno

フグ野マスオ, Nobita
In his 24 years of life Fugano Masuo has not been able to find love. Desperate Masuo consulted a fortune teller. The predictionquotIn you life time you will never be able to get a loverquot. It was a big shock for poor Masuo He made a bold move and went to a marriage interview pub. There he met Nagisa a beautiful woman brought along by her friend Isobe. Thus begins Masuos life as he struggles to win Nagisas heart through constant set backs and rivals nothing seems to go right for Masuo for very long. Youll see him crumble to dust or turn in to liquid many times over when he is spurned by Nagisa but he never truly gives up and somehow manages to come through. Partially taken from EMS translation of the opening summary from vol. 2