Blex Forer

ブレックス・フォーラ, Commodore Blex

Commodore Blex Forer is the initial leader of the AEUG. With the formation of the Titans after Operation Stardust, Blex was one of the first to see the increasing corruption in the Earth Government. He used his senatorial position as Commodore in the Federal Navy to influence certain executives of Anaheim Electronics to fund an anti-government movement. Anaheim, whose business interests were partially disrupted by the trade embargoes placed by the Federation on the colonies saw this as feasible. Thus Blex Forer became the founder of the Anti Earth Union Group or AEUG. Blex Forer would continuously clash wills with Titans leaders Jamitov Hymem and Bask Om in their brutal tactics against spacenoids. Blex operated from the ad-hoc flagship of the AEUG, the Argama, closely working with Henken Bekkener as co-captain. (Source: Wikipedia) After the operation to capture the Gundam Mk. II's from Green Oasis II, Blex convinces Kamille to stay on as a AEUG member, instantly deducing Kamille's natural piloting skills.

Blex later goes to the Earth for the Federation general assembly, who decides what policies to pursue regarding rebels and spacenoids. Despite Blex's best efforts, the Federation assembly hands over all military authority to the Titans. Later that night, at his hotel, Blex is assassinated by Titans agents. Quattro Bajeena hears the gunshot and gets to Blex just before he dies. Blex hands over leadership of the AEUG the Quattro and tells him he should embrace the name he once went by, Char Aznable.