Jamitov Hymem

Jamitov Hymem is the leader of the Earth Federation039s counterinsurgent organization known as the Titans which were formed with the stated purpose of eliminating the remnants of Zeon in light of the events that took place during the One Year War and Operation Stardust. Jamitov deviously arranges the assassination of Commodore Blex Forer allowing him to convince the Federation Council to hand over full control of the Federation Forces to the Titans. He later appears at the Titans headquarters in Kilimanjaro right when it is under attack by the AEUG and Karaba. Although the AEUG and Karaba eventually overwhelm the Titans and destroy their base Jamitov successfully launches back out into space. Later at the Gate of Zedan Jamitov prepares to meet with Haman Karn the leader of Axis who attempts to assassinate him after revealing that the Axis asteroid is headed on a collision course with the Gate of Zedan. Later the Axis asteroid does indeed collide with the Gate of Zedan but not before Jamitov and Bask evacuate with most of their forces intact. Source: Wikipedia