Takanari Touguu

東宮高成, Togu, Taka, Taka-Taka
Shizumasa039s older twin brother. Because of health problems he is posing as Shizumasa as Fake Koutei though no one knows this except Tya but later in the series Haine becomes aware of his quotrealquot identity. In the beginning of the story he is cold and distant but once influenced by Haine he becomes more kind and soft. He at first hated Haine and thought she was annoying but then he grew to love Haine and wants her to become his. Takanari is the real author of the picture book quotShizumasaquot drew. He hates his brother who also turns out to be unpleasant. A slight difference between Takanari and Shizumasa is that Takanari039s hair is more visibly darker than his younger twin brother.