Hoshio Hoshino

星野 保志雄

Hoshio (often nicknamed Hosshan) is a boy from the Special Ability type class who is required to wear a mask at all times in order to control his Alice. He has the weather Alice. It is said that his emotions influence his alice a lot (i.e. When he is sad, it rains). However, his Alice is the kind that fades overtime, which is why in chapter 76 of the manga (the only time he appears), it was shown that his parents came to pick him up from the Academy to take home. As a farewell gift, the rest of the Special Ability class gave him their Alice stones, Mikan included. He accepted all of them except for Mikan's, because he figured that someone else (Natsume) needed it more than him. Mikan and the others were present when he was picked up, and on the day he left, there was a rainbow in the sky because he felt bliss.