Makoto Narita

Makoto Narita made a deal with his father: in order to pursue his own future dreams Makoto would have to go through two years of high school as a girl which would require his acting skills to pull it off. If he was found out Makoto would have to inherit his fathers dojo as Makoto is his fathers only son. Makoto transfers to a new school as Makoto Amano and he becomes friends with Ito. When Ito finds out that Makoto is really a male she decides to help him keep his secret which comes in handy when Tsugumisenpai and her two friends try to unveil Makotos true gender. At the beginning Makoto tries to hide his feelings towards Ito but eventually he starts showing how much he loves her. Makoto is the heir to the family and he had had an omiai years ago with a girl named Takayo Iizuka. Makoto makes it clear that though he respects and likes Takayo he only loves Ito and plans on abandoning his family as soon as he graduates as a girl. That way he will win the bet he made with his father. Makoto has greater technical skill as an actor than Ito and is more than a match for her in physical strength. He is a typical Renaissance man able to cook clean do makeup and choose out clothes with admirable skill along with the ability to pick up skills quickly such as juggling. However he is more introverted than Ito and prone to holding grudges especially against his father and his oldest sister. credit: Wikipedia