Kazumi Kiyokawa

Position: DF Age: 23 years old Height: 174cm Weight: 66kg Blood type: O Jersey: 16 Kiyokawa is a leftside defender for ETU. Like many of the younger players he became a regular under Tatsumi but is not as skilled as the defensive pair of Yusaku Sugie and Kazuki Kuroda. Ryo Akasaki especially is disparaging of their skills and even accused him and Osamu Ishihama of playing only for fun and not to win. Kiyokawa is extremely fast but he falls for feints easily. He is far more skilled then Ishihama but still green compared to Sugie ETUs best defender and Kuroda. It must be noted that both goalkeepers and defenders take time to mature so while Kiyokawas youth gives him speed he lack of experience hampers his ability to defend effectively. Source: Wikipedia