Beside Pain


Beside Pain is a Ribbons-based clone who has the same type base sequence pattern as Ribbons, pattern type-0026, and Veda identifies Beside with registration number 08368-SA846. He is an Innovade who first appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam 00P as the MS pilot of CBY-001 1 Gundam. Like Ribbons, Beside can transfer himself into another body if his current one is in danger. He also has the "Install" ability which forces a limited amount of his personal data into another Innovade in order to control their body. He is a perfectionist who becomes incredibly frustrated when things don't go his way. His actions in 00P cause Leif Rectitavio to become the lead of 00I. 00P:

In 00P Beside exploited his 'Install' ability to cause Hixar and Grave to attack each other without putting himself at risk. His first 'true' appearance was when he faced down the Artemie Gundam piloted by Meister 874. When Grave arrived to assist 874 he caused Beside to become frustrated and flustered at his inability to control Grave as he had expected, and took advantage of this to fatally wound him. ~!Beside attempted to save himself using his special ability and began transfering his consciousness into another body, however the destruction of his cockpit interupted the process. ~!The incomplete transfer resulted in the new body having an entirely separate personality - Leif Recitativo.


~ 00I: ~!In chapter nine Beside Pain's consciousness takes over Leif's body and begins using it as his own. While searching Veda he discovers the existance of Fon Spaak and engages him in battle. ~!During the fierce battle that follows Fon Spaak seriously injures Beside until his is forced to retreat at which point he attempts to transfer his consciousness into yet another body, in doing so freeing the "Leif" body which Telicyra then recovers, leaving them as 'separate entities'

Following this Beside upgrades his CB-001 1 Gundam into CB-001.5 1.5 Gundam before challenging Hixar Fermi to battle for interfering with his Veda profile.!~[/spoiler]