Dias Ragu

Black Wing
Dias Ragu or more commonly known as The Black Wing is considered as one of the strongest fighters that Ashliana has ever seen. Dias has thirsted for strength since he was boy. He earned a reputation during the war as cold blooded killing machine. He didnt care who he fought or killed. He fought side by side with Vy Low and Kai Shinks which explains why they are such close friends. When Dias turned 16 he was on his way to becoming the 58th Sevalle when his parents contracted a rare disease and died. Later on his younger sister Elle was also infected. After losing both his parents he would not stand by and watch his sister die. He decided to put his ambitions aside and went to fight as a mercenary so he could earn enough money to buy medicine for Elle. Eventually he got enough money and was able to save Elles life but fate dealt him all the wrong cards. As a result of the extra battles he fought in his body was greatly weakened so he decided to give up his dreams of becoming a Sevalle. Due to this he gave way to Kain Phalanx who later became the 58th Sevalle G. Elle feeling guilty decided that she would take her brothers place and become Sevalle. A few years later she earned the title as the 59th Sevalle Shadow Skill. Source: Wikipedia