エリシュカ, Eleska

Birthday: July 16 Age: 14 Height: 153cm Blood Type: B Likes: Going on dates with Karoku Dislikes: When she can't be with Karoku Favourite Food: Prawns and ginruru (a fruit that grows on a tree) cream salad Least Favourite Food: Snails Hair Colour: Peach Eye colour: Peach A selfish person who is straightforward about her feelings and what she wants. As she grew up surrounded by people employed by her grandfather, she was naturally treated like a princess. Because she was in an environment where she didn't have to consider other people, she didn't learn how to communicate, so she doesn't have much experience at building good relationships with others. Even though she is selfish, she seems to rely on Uro. Her relationship with Karoku is still uncertain. Her name is spelled as "Eleska" in the english translation.