The trio are Kagome Higurashi039s present day school friends who seem to be quite nosy when it comes to her personal life. They are always nudging Kagome to make advances on Hojo a popular school boy who obviously admires her. And when they first hear about InuYasha they constantly encourage her to drop him due to her seemly bizarre descriptions of him However in later episodes Kagome039s three classmates begin to like quotMr. Possessive.quot In episode 160 entitled quotThe Lucky But TwoTiming Scoundrelquot the girls finally meet InuYasha and find his exotic appearance intriguing officially approving of him which makes Kagome considerably happy. Yuka the last of the two is the only one with significantly short hair and just like Eri she is very outspoken and only wants the best for her dear friend Kagome. She seems to be the most outspoken and has sharp witty comments such as calling Inuyasha a bad boy and twotiming scoundrel source: http://inuyasha.wikia.com/wiki/AyumiEriYuka