ラクロワ, Vice-Admiral, Chuujou

Vice-Admiral Lacroix (ラクロワ中将, Rakurowa Chūjō) is a Marine Vice Admiral who is also part of the Giant Squad. He is one of the few giants seen thus far that does not have unusual facial features or a beard. Like many giants, he has a large, bulky belly. He wears a Marine hat and a one piece suit with his sleeves rolled up, with a purple tie. Like all high-ranking Marines, he wears a standard Marine coat draped over his shoulders. As a Vice Admiral, he has power and authority over a great deal of the Marines below him. Because he is a giant, he is extremely strong. He was capable of easily surviving gunfire and cannon shots from enemy ships. He carries a sword but his skill with it is unknown thus far. (source: onepiece.wikia)