Hagumi Hanamoto

花本 はぐみ, Hagu
Age: 18 years old Specialty: All mediums of art Likes: Initially Unknown Height: 142 cm 46 Weight: 38 kg 83.6 lbs A supremely gifted artist Hagus immense talents are esteemed by all who witness her works catching the eye of numerous professional artists who insistently urge her to submit her work to exhibitions to heighten her publicity which she seems to find daunting. She is 18 years of age at the beginning of the series and her appearance is that of a child and she conveniently behaves as one. Raised in a largely sheltered and obscure home by her irritable grandmother her sociability is below average. It is whilst living in that home that Hagu develops her skill in drawing and painting her only pasttime though she finds nothing to sketch save for the neverchanging view she has from her porch varying only in seasons. Hagu is from Azumino city Naganoken.