レイジ, Reggie
Reggie is the older and kinder brother of Paul. Currently residing in Veilstone City as a breeder. Reggie first appeared in Lost Leader Strategy. During this meeting he and Ash battled in a threeonthree match although Ash039s Staravia lost to his Swalot Turtwig and Pikachu successfully defeated his Bibarel and Staraptor respectively. Reggie has earned the 8 badges from Kanto Johto Hoenn and Sinnoh. He has also challenged the Battle Frontier and won six of the seven Frontier Symbols. He decided to become a Breeder after failing to get the Brave Symbol as revealed in Aiding the Enemy. Unlike his younger brother he treats his Pokeacutemon with love and care and thanks them after working hard in a battle. This difference was also noted by Zoey who said that Paul and Reggie seemed like complete opposites. In Crossing the Battle Line Reggie and his Staraptor helped Ash039s Staravia to learn Brave Bird. He appeared again in Enter Galactic where he used Paul039s Electabuzz to help Ash fight Team Galactic. He made a cameo appearance in Saving the World From Ruins. He also appeared in A Pyramiding Rage where he watched his brother039s battle against Brandon. In this episode Reggie039s loss against Brandon which was being watched by Paul was shown in a flashback. Back then he was told by Brandon that he lacked a unique battle strategy which is why he gave up on being a Pokeacutemon Trainer. This incident is what caused Paul to be more focused on a Pokeacutemon039s strength than anything else. Reggie reappeared in Pedal to the Mettle and Evolving Strategies to watch the battle between Ash and Paul which was suggested by him at the end of A Pyramiding Rage to see how far the two Trainers have developed.