Koyomi Yoimachi

宵町 暦, Yomi
Birthday: May 25 Height: 166 cm Weight: 51 kg Blood type: O Status: Human Koyomi is a resident of the same dormitory Michiru resides in. She is a very cheerful girl but she also has a double personality. Unlike Koyomis innocent and sweet exterior her other personality Yomi is without reserves and is usually fondling Michiru despite the latters unwillingness to do so. It appears that Michiru is the only person able to awaken this alter ego of Koyomis merely by kissing her or simply calling her by name. While Yomi seems to dislike everyone other than Michiru for whom Yomi harbours sexual desire and deeper emotional feelings Koyomi seems to have a slight crush on Sotetsu As. Yomi also has a special ability called the Dead Mans Tongue which allows her to channel dead peoples words.