Gouta Nakamura

Among the Alchemic Warriors he is the junior to Tokiko whom he has a big crush on. He longs for the same relationship she shares with Kazuki and as a result finds himself disliking him. Yet despite all this he cooperates with Kazuki and Tokiko as they try to uncover the conspiracy behind the Black Kakugane. Gouta is a strategic planner and fights with variations of his Buso Renkin. As shown in his fight against Negoro he was able to figure out Secret Trail039s secret and use it against Negoro. In Buso Renkin After he joins Ginsei High with Busujima. Buso Renkin: Motor Gear Motor Gear is the form of his Arms Alchemy using Kakugane LV55. It takes the form of a pair of gearshaped chakrams which has a variety of applications ranging from closetolong range weaponry to increased mobility for Gouta himself. Motor Gear is regarded as one of the weakest Arms Alchemy currently in use however it more than makes up for this with its speed and size which makes it extremely hard to see along with the wide variety of uses the Motor Gear can utilize in combat. Source: Wikipedia