Gamma Akutabi

芥火 完真
Date of Birth: November 28 Age: 22 Height: 190.2 cm Weight: 120 kg The protagonist a powder hunter. Gamma has metal plating on his right hand and arm which allows him to catch bullets. The plating extends to his cheek and neck. He fights with a chainsword and has mastered Karin Zanjutsu literally Fire Ring Sword Technique an art learned from the East. In its 2000 year history only 15 have mastered it. Instead of taking the average 32 years to master it Gamma managed it in 4 years. Those who master it are surrounded by a black flame of death. These flames allow him to perform special attacks with his sword like creating fire chains and wings from his body. Gamma is also the last heir of the Karin Zanjutsu. He seeks the Zombie Powder for immortality for reasons unknown. As a powder hunter Gamma has a price of 960000000 Niit on his own head. He also seems to have some relation to a woman in black who only appears in the last few chapters of the manga her name is revealed by Tasha as Tatena whose grave lies in the back of the home of Nazna Gemini. In Kubo039s more popular work Bleach the character Grimmjow Jeagerjaques resembles Gamma heavily. wikipedia