アオイ, Angie
She shares many personality traits with Ash including a love of food and sleeping during class. She also developed a fierce rivalry with him and both battled their respective Pokeacutemon in training resulting in a tie. Together they also got reprimanded by Rowan and his aide several times for being troublemakers usually because Angie said or did something to make Ash mad. Angie was surprised when she discovered Ash039s training style encouraging a Pokeacutemon after it had attacked him and quickly adapted it into a form of training with her Monferno which somewhat like Maylene involved her dodging Monferno039s Ember and Mach Punch attacks. During the events of Ghoul Daze Ash saved Angie from being sucked into a spirit world by a Ghost girl. From that point she developed a crush on him. In the next episode she got embarrassed when Ash tried to shake hands with her and she ran away. She also blushed later in the same episode after Ash rescued her from falling off a cliff. Angie and Ash competed fiercely during the triathlon portion of the Summer Academy session. However it was Ash who crossed the finish line first with her in close second. The night before they left the summer school they vowed to meet each other again. It was also revealed that she has been at the Summer Academy several times before. She appeared again in If the Scarf Fits Wear It with her parents who run the Solaceon Town Daycare center. credit to bulbapedia