ユリ, Lila

Lila is a one-time character of the anime who appeared in the episode Battling The Generation Gap!. Her hometown is Celestic Town, where she is also known as the "Tiger Lily of Celestic Town". It was revealed that she was once Johanna's old rival. She first appeared as a child in a flashback battling Johanna in a Contest, in which she won her fourth ribbon. She was also the first person to ever defeat Johanna in contests. However she got the offer of studying for becoming a Pokémon stylist abroad and decided to quit being a Coordinator after discussing it with Johanna. She started her own fashion store as well. She also designed Wallace's outfit for Contests. After watching her rival's daughter participating in Contests, she decided to enter a Contest once more. She entered the Celestic Town Contest as did Dawn where she aimed to battle her similarly to how she battled against her mother. Both of them made it to the finals and after a hard fought battle, Dawn won the Celestic Ribbon. After the Contest, Lila let Ash and the others pick out outfits from her shop free of charge. She made a brief cameo in DP177 watching the Sinnoh Grand Festival on the television in her shop. [credit to bulbapedia]