ユモミ, Leona
She is a childhood friend of Dawn and Kenny and she also sometimes calls Dawn Dee Dee Japanese: Pikari. She lives near a hot spring with her parents and takes care of three Swinub. In Hot Springing a Leak she had the water from her hot spring stolen by someone. She later found out that it had been Team Rocket siphoning the water from her hot spring039s main pipe. They were planning to use her hot spring water to start their own. Later she and Dawn defeated Team Rocket and returned the water to her own hot spring. When she parted ways from Dawn Ash and Brock she told them that she would go and battle in Sinnoh039s Gyms. It is unknown if she yet has any badges. She appeared in a flashback in Yes in Dee Dee It039s Dawn along with Kenny where the reason for Dawn039s nickname was revealed. credit to bulbapedia