Myouun Hirohiko Kabane

屍 妙雲 比呂彦
Hirohiko is a male with a fairly effeminate face although the masculinity of his face seems to increase in subsequent appearances. He is the current head of the Kabane Family one of the Red Feather Families of the Takayanagi Family Flying Phoenix. He is the 15th person to be the head of the Kabane Family. He shares many characteristics with his ancestor from Feudal Japan whom he seems to be named after Myouun Kabane. Hirohiko tends to keep his eyes closed and has strange symbols on and below his eyelids. The purpose of the symbols if any is unknown but Hirohikorsquos ancestor also had similar symbols near his eyes. Hirohiko also has an additional symbol on his forehead it is shaped like an eye but this symbol appears to typically be covered up by Hirohikorsquos hair. He is also blind with his pupils cut out at birth based on his family039s power. Hirohiko seems to have the goal of finishing his ancestors work much like his friend Mitsuiro Tokuan Shj. Hirohiko appears to be very laidback. For example he doesnrsquot even get up or look in Nokimi Mayutsuborsquos direction when he destroys her insects and he even yawns in boredom. Animals seem to like him as two birds sit near him on the roof even perching on his head at one point. He also has a pretty good sense of humor as he tried to write on Aya Natsumersquos forehead while she couldnrsquot move and mocked Mitsuomi Takayanagirsquos hairdo. Hirohiko also seems rather insightful capable of picking up on the fact all of Ayarsquos ki is flowing to Reiki and that her consciousness is elsewhere simply by smelling her. He indicates to Aya that they are not enemies but after he and Mitsuiro make an appearance in a limo with Dgen Takayanagi and Mitsuomi he appears on the Enforcement Grouprsquos roster as Emi Isuzu points out. He later protects Nokimi from Aya although hesitantly. He then warns her to retreat or he will be forced to attack her. So his real stance on the Juuken Club is unclear.