A devil-like figure. Known as the King of Fear and Deceit, Belial is first introduced with the concept of his necklace: The necklace holds immense power but was broken and Belus charged Pamela with collecting the gems on it so that she could die.

It is later revealed that Belial disguised himself as a Sage who gave bread to the poor when Pamela was a child. When Pamela and her mother went to him for food, the girl's power let her see his true evil form. This impressed Belial, who then set about making Pamela immortal by granting Ash's wish to die (he wanted Pamela around forever so that he could continue to "enjoy" her). It is later revealed that he was responsible for creating Cora and the present day Ash with gemstones from his necklace and that they, along with Alecto, Pamela, and Belus, were pawns in his games. At the end of the series, it is revealed that Belial and Belus are one and the same and that he actually loves Pamela.

source: Wikipedia