Gavrill Madaraki

斑木ガブリール, Gavrill the Wolf, Transformer

Gavrill is Fran's older sister. Gavrill has the appearance of a woman in her twenties with wild unkempt blonde hair, a large stitch line going across the middle of her face, and black leather clothing adorned with various arm and leg braces she (presumably) wears as accessories. Gavrill is what Fran calls a "Transformer", her entire Skeletal, muscular, organ, and Nervous system have been partitioned into many smaller divisions so that she can consciously control them, which grants her the ability to shape her body into whatever suits her needs. Her primary combat form is a humanoid wolf (giving her the nickname Gavrill the Wolf). However, Fran says that transformations require great amount of willpower. As a result, the Professor has abandoned the practice due to the danger that comes with it, that is if the subject's will is not strong enough. Gavrill is exceptionally foul-mouthed. She appears to hate the Professor and her younger sisters. Due to her distinct violent nature, Gavrill is also the leader of a gang that goes around the world killing and looting. Police have attempted to bring the gang to justice, but Gavrill quickly slaughters them each time. She's introduced in chapter 40 "Buccaneer", where she tricks Veronica into coming to a hotel in order to lure and capture Fran. Her intention was to force Fran to give her the Madaraki estate, as she deems her "unfitting" to "hog it all". After a gruesome battle between Gavrill's gang and a abomination of human body parts fused together by Fran, Fran and Veronica manage to escape through the air ducts by making some bodily sacrifices. Veronica's body is shrunk due to her previous defeat at the hands of Gavrill, and Fran sacrificed her lower body. The scent of Fran's lower half attracts the wolf-like Gavrill. When she discovered the body however, Gavrill knew it was a trap as Fran not only left behind her lower half, but also a bomb with it. On the severed body was a note written by Fran to Gravill, which said "Elder sister, your manners are atrocious and I must punish you". As soon as she read this, Gavrill was swallowed in the explosion. As it is later seen in chapter 44, she survived the explosion.