Grigori #3
Also known as 039Grigori 03039 he is a psychicer with a youthful appearance. He like Grana and Miroku is also a product of the Grigori research facility. With his PSI ability quotDeep Freezequot Uranus is capable of manipulating ice in seemingly whatever way he chooses. It was shown that he is able to materialize guns made of ice which shoot bullets that cover whatever they hit with thick ice. He is also able to create ice skate blades on the bottom of his shoes to accommodate for the change in environment that his attacks create. Uranus made his first appearance when he was recruited into W.I.S.E. along with Eiji Kise shortly after Grana joins the group in the present timeline. During this time it was revealed that Uranus had once worked for the government as an assassin tracking Grana after he escaped from the Grigori. After being defeated by Grana during one of their encounters Uranus severed his ties with the government. Uranus make his second appearance in the current version of the future criticizing Junas039 failure to invade Tenju039s Roots as well as losing half of the Scourge unit. It was revealed that he is now W.I.S.E.039s Star Commander No. 3 a position which used to belong to Shiner now Star Commander No. 4 during the previous version of the future. He was killed in battle by the combined effort of Kyle and Frederica during the Resistance039s attempt to liberate Astral Nova. Wikipedia