Isamu Dyson

Age: 24 Isamu Alva Dyson grew up with his two friends Myung and Guld on the rural planet of Eden. He shared a fascination for flying with Guld and he would often go chasing the planets indigenous giant birds just to watch them fly. Another thing he shared with Guld was his love for Myung. After an incident the trio broke up and both Myung and Isamu leave the planet separately. Not long after Isamu realizes his dream of flying by joining the U.N. Spacy as a fighter pilot. He showed his extraordinary skill again and again as he fought renegade Zentradi in his VF11 Thunderbolt variable fighter leading to an astronomic kill score. His skill came with a price though. A penchant for showmanship dare devilry and an independent smartmouth personality. Vices that do not endear him to his superiors no matter how skilled he is. An incident during an asteroid skirmish finally convinces his superiors to get rid of him by assigning him to Project Super Nova as a test pilot. Ironically something Isamu had desired for a long time. The move transfers him to New Edwards base back in his home planet Eden. There he becomes Shinsei Industries newest test pilot flying their prototype the YF19. To his surprise he finds that his former friend Guld is the test pilot for the opposing team vying for the contract and a bitter rivalry fueled by old differences arises between the two that gets transferred to the competition. A rivalry that soon comes to low blows. Things get further complicated when Myung shows up in Eden as well as the producer for galaxy sensation Sharon Apple. Meanwhile Isamu also develops what he perceives as a rivalry with the base commander Col. Millard Johnson who uses a gruff demeanor and feigned disdain for the hotheaded young pilot to push him to try and use his airframe to its utmost limits. Taken from Wikipedia/minor edit