アンバー, February
The first confirmed Contractor with her stars Messier code UB001. She was originally a spy for MI6 with the codename February but later defected and joined the Syndicate adopting Amber as her new name. She worked together with Hei and Bai in South America during the Heavens War and founded and leader of her own organization the Evening Primrose at that time. She went missing together with Bai and millions of other people when the Heavens Gate disappeared only to reappear later to fight the Syndicate with the rest of the strenghtened Evening Primrose. Ambers ability is chronal manipulation which includes temporal freezing of time and rewinding of events to an unknown degree. Elaborate usage of her power enables her to gain knowledge of future events and then respond to them accordingly. Once time has been frozen around her she can also pull other people out of the frozen time stream while those still under her abilitys effect will no longer detect her presence or movement. Her remuneration is aging backwards making her appear frequently younger. Amber loves Hei in spite of him believing her to be a traitor and has stated that she has only seen him truly smile once and she would do anything to see that smile again. Ambers feelings for Hei often result in her making decisions that compromise the mission objectives of the Evening Primrose and at times she goes as far as to order her subordinates to avoid fighting Hei.