Min Yoo

The boy who 039protected039 HanAh through grades 1 and 2 who bullied her instead. He is the captain of the GwangJin High school gang. He meets Hanah again when they are older while he was escaping from a gang. Later she ask him if he wants to go out with her and he accepts with her not knowing he was her bully. He appears to be cruel and savage but underneath he is a very sensitive boy and a little clumsy. He is deeply in love with HanAh although he expresses his love through actions that may seem violent to her. They break up because she tells him that she doesn039t like his personality but after she realizes that he really loved her and starts to understand him. Later he makes her his kkobong through 039kidnapping039 her friends. They start liking each other and a strong bond was formed between them until YoungSun039s breakingup plan works out with help from Mi Yoo. He becomes very mad at HanAh at that point that he even slapped her very hard up until that point he never touched her violently. He is hospitalized because a gang fight he got into to vent his heartbreak. He learns that HanAh has been kidnapped and goes to search for her. He discovers that she is in her house and rescues her from Mi Yoo. Then he returns to the hospital and his family Father Mother and Grandmother visits him while HanAh comes in the room. His grandmother tells them her butt is ready to bare children and such as comments from the family members. Then the series ends with HanAh giving him a crossstitch for their 039hundred day anniversary039 and with him asking her to go out with him for him she was still his kkobong and then with her biting and hitting him.