Rina Goltschmidt Tachibana


Age : 21 (legal age for casino in US) Height : 164 cm Weight : approx. 53 kg B-W-H Measurement : 91-58-88 Rio's childhood friend who had been recruited by Tom Howard as a dealer. Her mother was hospitalized and her father was frequently away on business trips when she was a child, and therefore was raised by Risa and Rio, the latter whom she had a sibling-like relationship. She has a mysterious energy that makes her customers weary, as opposed to Rio's aura which gives her customers energy. It is later revealed that she is Rio's half-sister and a Gate Holder working under Cartia, who is revealed to be her aunt. She seeks revenge on Rio and her mother, Risa Rollins, who allegedly eloped with her father, causing Rina's mother to fall into a coma. She is also a Roll Ruler as well, her abilities far surpassing Rio's, and holds five Gates, four of which were given to Linda, Jack, Queen, and King, with the fifth Gate being the Ace Gate.