Vento of the Front


Member of God's Right seat. Blessed with the nature of "God's Flame". Her face is heavily pierced and at its top, she puts on heavy make-up. When she was a child, she went with her brother to an amusement park, and an accident occurred in which her brother died; thus, she grew up with a deep hatred against science and technology. She uses the spell "Divine Punishment", which takes away the consciousness of anyone who has any evil intentions towards her. She also utilizes hammers made of air to bludgeon her opponent. Appearing first in the 11th novel, later in the 12th novel she invades Academy City and causing havoc there in order to kill Tōma but fails due to Hyōka in FUZE=Kazakiri mode and Amata Kihara intervention and was defeated by Tōma but was rescued by Acqua. She later returns during the Third World War to hunt down Fiamma for betraying the Vatican.