Nozomi Yumehara

夢原 のぞみ, Cure Dream
A secondyear student at Lcole des Cinq Lumires Institute Nozomi appears to be a typical shjo heroine and does not know what to do with her life. Her father works as an author of childrens stories and her mother runs a beauty shop. She has a habit of saying Its decided Kettei when she decides on something not exactly with everyones permission. Formed a crush on Coco in his human form at first sight and her feelings grow as the series progresses. This also has started a love triangle between her and Milk for Coco because both have feelings for him. In Pretty Cure 5 Go Go movie Nozomi kisses Coco in human form. Though her teammates are vastly different from her Nozomi learns how to become their friend and their leader. Cure Dream wears pink and her costume has a design resembling that of Cure Rouge. For catching Pinkies Coco gets a bell from her Pinky Catch. Her given name is pronounced though not written the same way as the Japanese word for hope nozomi and part of her surname yume means dream in Japanese. According to the release date of the second movie Nozomis birthday is November 8th. She introduces herself as Great Power of Hope Cure Dream i naru kib no chikara Kyua Dormu In the first movie her counterpart is Dark Dream who is voiced by Chinami Nishimura. In the second movie she gets a powerup: Shining Dream.