Nozomi Yumehara

夢原のぞみ, キュアドリーム, Cure Dream
Age: 14 Beginning 15 GoGo Date of Birth: November 8 Nozomi Yumehara is one of the five main cures in Yes Precure 5 and Yes Precure 5 GoGo and the groups leader. She is a secondyear student at Lcole des Cinq Lumires middle school. Nozomis alter ego is Cure Dream the Precure of Hope. Her catchphrase is Its decided Kettei. Nozomi has purple eyes and mediumlength dark magenta hair worn down with small amounts pulled into pigtails held up by yellow bobbles. Her casual wear in Yes Pretty Cure 5 GoGo consists of a pale pink puffsleeved blouse dark blue knee pants and brown shoes. For summer she switches to a pink top and a short pale pink vest decorated with ribbons and pompom. Along with a blue skirt and pale pink socks with the same shoes as before. As Cure Dream her hair and eyes brighten and her hair grows to navel length. Her pigtails turn into large rings held by a yellow butterfly and she gains pink butterfly earrings. She gains a white and fuchsia lined twopiece with matching gloves and socks. Ruffled pale chiffon trim lines the skirt and sleeves and on the chest is a pink butterfly with a green gem. On her waist is a bow. She also gains fuchsia shorts and short boots with pink detail. On her hand is a light pink butterfly and her Pinky Catch is worn on the left wrist. Nozomi is a caring individual with a big heart and a bright perspective. While realizing she may not be talented or have any usable skills she makes up for it by being very friendly and kind towards others even her enemies. A bit of a late thinker she sometimes gets distracted especially when food is involved. She is also childish loud and clumsy and does not seem to make decisions rationally. As Cure Dream she is noticeably more serious. She also gains more strength and never hesitates to help others. Source: Pretty Cure Wiki