Rin Natsuki

夏木りん, Cure Rouge (キュアルージュ)
Rin Natsuki is one of the five main Cures in Yes Precure 5 and Yes Precure 5 GoGo. She is a secondyear student at Lcole des Cinq Lumires middle school. Rins alter ego is Cure Rouge the Precure of Passion. Rin is both tomboyish and feminine. Throughout both of the seasons Rin shows a passion for accessory design and is usually the one in charge for designing what Natts House is selling. She also has a straightforward and downtoearth personality that contrasts with her cheery childhood friend Nozomi Yumeharahttps://anilist.co/character/3585. She takes on a bigsister nurturing side towards her best friend and siblings. She is usually calmtempered but she can also be hotblooded impatient and passionate so she tends to clash with girls who are more reserved and show a stubborn side. Deep down Rin fears the loss of a loved one most noticeable Nozomi. Beside of that she also has a fear for unnatural things and when she was a child it could take a long time for her to recover after being startled by things.